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Looking North, Going South: Facing the Realities of Climate Change

42 Magazine

Join 42 Magazine in a discussion on the realities and implications of climate change with renowned scientists from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. As part of their "42_analog" series, the panelists will discuss their research affecting our everyday lives and why we seem to be unable to act accordingly.

As an artistic introduction to the subject, writer and poet Marie-Elsa Bragg will surprise the audience with two powerful pieces on nature, a subject also dealt with in her first novel "Towards Mellbreak".


Dr. Friederike Otto (University of Oxford) is Director of the Environmental Change Institute Oxford and internationally known for her reserach project proving that climate change is man-made.

Professor Peter Wadhams (University of Cambridge) is one of the UK's most experienced sea scientist, leading expeditions to the places where climate change is a reality already.

Dr. Richard Staley (University of Cambridge) is Rausing Lecturer in the History and Philiosophy of Science at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science. He suggests that we need to acknowledge the historical forces that have produced carbon-economies, and the relationship between colonialism and climate change.

Dr Adam Levy (University of Oxford) is a Climate Scientist approaching the need to raise awareness for and accessibility to scientific facts about climate change on a digital level: by covering the issue with fun YouTube Videos as ClimateAdam.

The event is scheduled on Monday, 20th May at 18.30 in the Waterstones Gower Street gallery in London.

Waterstones, May 2019

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