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A Day in Los Angeles

Gallery Agathe Gaillard presents an exhibition "A Day in Los Angeles" by Hiro Matsuoka in their new show room from 13th April to 11th May 2019. The exhibition explores the theme "memory" and includes a selection of work from his various series to reconstruct a fictive day in Los Angeles.

"The bright sunlight and warm air overwhelmed my senses, as I arrived at LAX after endless hours of flight from mid-winter Germany in 2010. I remember, it was a little confusing or even felt awkward to adjust myself to the surroundings, in which I would spend the next few days. Later in the city, as I drove through the concrete streets, an old feeling suddenly came back to me, but it was not really dj-vu, because I had been there before.

More than twenty years had passed since the summers I spent with my friends in the Los Angeles of the late 1980s. Meanwhile, they had left their home and, of course, many things had changed in my life. On the other hand, though, in spite of all the trends and innovations of the previous decades, somehow the city didnt seem to have changed much. For me, it remained pretty much the same as before with its beaches and hills, palm trees and cars, and I felt fine. It was like seeing an old friend again after a long time."

Hiro Matsuoka

— Gallery Agathe Gaillard, April 2019

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