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Obsolete & Discontinued

"Obsolete and Discontinued" explores the diversity of analogue photography through a collection of discarded photographic material. In March 2015, London based photographer and photographic printer, Mike Crawford, received a quantity of outdated photographic paper from a client. It had come from his late uncle’s darkroom, consisting of numerous boxes and packets, the majority of which had ceased production many years previously. Most were 20 to 30 years old, some far older. Brands included Agfa Brovira and Kodak Bromesko; names once familiar to generations of photographers.

The material was distributed to over 50 participants, purposely with an open brief to allow individuality to flourish without the confines of a dictated subject matter. It was up to each photographer to consider how they could best use their selected material. Over a period of months, prints were returned using a wide variety of techniques and processes: Silver gelatin, lith, pinhole, wet collodion, collage, paper negative, chemical toning, direct positive process, mordançage, lumen, photogram and several hybrid analogue / digital techniques. The project celebrates the unique qualities and potential of analogue photography, albeit by using discarded materials.

Participants: Joakim Ahnfelt, Andrew Atkinson, Laurie Baggett, Myka Baum, Molly Behagg, Daniel Berrange, Andy Billington, David  Bruce, Jacquelene Butler, Andrew Chisholm, Mike Crawford, Beth Dow, Angela Easterling, Laura Ellenberger, Andrew Firth, Brittonie Fletcher, Hannah Fletcher, Asya Gefter, Claus Dieter Geissler, Robin Gillanders, Brian Griffin, JJ Hastings, Rosie Holtom, Melanie King, Morten Kolve, Ky Lewis, Jim Lister, Constanza Isaza Martinez, Nicola Jayne Maskrey, Hiro Matsuoka, Gabriela Mazowiecka, Sheila McKinney, Wolfgang Moersch, Helen Nias, Douglas Nicholson, Yaz Norris, Andres Pantoja, Guy Patterson, Borut Peterlin, Almundena Romero, Brett Sampson, Debbie Sears, Holly Shackleton, Keith Taylor, Joan Teixidor, Evan Thomas, Madaleine Trigg, Sebnem Ugural, Tanja Verlak, Andrew Whittle, Guillame Zuili.

Shutter Hub, 28.11.2016

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